Tuesday, June 10, 2008

freed from any question of guilt...

i recently had some (entirely too intimate) exchange with someone who has this word tattooed on the inside of his wrist. in disneyland lettering. oddly enough this represents him well. disneyland seems like a place where magical things happen and "dreams come true". however, much like this particular man (i use the term "man" loosely), the reality of it falls flat and you are left tired, grumpy, over-stimulated, and displeased. and like this man seems to think himself, due to the sheer force of it's reputation, even with the consumptive and stressful nature disneyland is excused from all fault or responsibility. head hung low, pockets thin, and all things magical seeming a childhood dream you are left to ponder your own inadequacies that keep you from feeling fulfilled.
so point in fact...he couldn't represent himself more accurately.
but back to my point...yes, there is one...
if you do, in fact, live your life in clear integrity and uphold the highest expectation for yourself then what would be so wrong with self induced vindication?
this being said one who comes with the aforementioned integrity would have no need for it...so what's the point?
the force with which one would brand themselves 'vindicated', believing that they are truly absolved, is reminiscent of one who strives for a god like stature. this word and it's definition are most dangerous, as in this case, when it is presented as ...you guessed it...a disclaimer.

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